Carson's Pick of the Week

Carson’s Pick of the Week: Taylor Swift ft Ed Sheeran & Future ‘End Game’

With each release from ‘Reputation’, we learn more about Taylor Swift’s battle to be true to herself while playing the role cast to her by the media. In ‘End Game’, Taylor takes us through the experience of lusting after someone who has preconceived ideas about her. Taylor wants to be this guy’s #1...
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Carson’s Pick of the Week: WALK THE MOON ‘One Foot’

WALK THE MOON know how to write music that inspires you to throw caution to the wind, so it’s fitting that their next album is called “What If Nothing”. Similarly, their single “One Foot” calls on the spirit to boldly going where no man has gone before. It’s an attitude WALK THE MOON have embraced...
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Carson’s Pick of the Week: Eminem ft Beyonce ‘Walk On Water’

Did you do a double take when you heard Eminem and Beyonce collaborated on a song? It was a mystery that many people were eager to solve when Em released ‘Walk On Water’. Here’s how it happened: Eminem was inspired to address his insecurity about fame and his place in hip-hop when he heard the […]
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