Launch Artist: Moon Taxi ‘Two High’

December 2, 2017

Moon Taxi is an indie alternative band with Southern roots.

Founding members Trevor Terndrup and Tommy Putnam formed a band called Apex in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama. They moved to Nashville for college and adopted Music City as their hometown. There, they completed the current line up of Moon Taxi with Spencer Thomson of Bowling Green, Kentucky and Wes Bailey of Knoxville, Tennessee.

The band released their debut album Melodica in 2007, followed by a live album that took them on tour across the United States in 2010. Three albums and seven years later, they’ve made the rounds on late night TV and played at the Coachella and Firefly festivals.

‘Two High’ is the first taste of what’s coming up next for them. The title references holding your hands up in a peace sign and is all about living life with a peaceful, positive approach.

Check out the song below.

-Elena Kimball,