Carson’s Pick of the Week: Eminem ft Beyonce ‘Walk On Water’

November 25, 2017

Did you do a double take when you heard Eminem and Beyonce collaborated on a song? It was a mystery that many people were eager to solve when Em released ‘Walk On Water’. Here’s how it happened:

Eminem was inspired to address his insecurity about fame and his place in hip-hop when he heard the lyrics to “Walk On Water” (written by Skylar Grey, btw). His Producer played the track for Jay-Z, who got Beyonce to sing on the song.

And is how the magic happened.

If the infomercials Eminem’s been posting on social media are any indication, his next album is likely to be called ‘Revival’. The introspection of ‘Walk On Water’ and promotional material hints that ‘Revival’ will follow the addiction theme played out through his previous album titles, Relapse and Recovery.

Take a listen to ‘Walk On Water’ below.

-Elena Kimball,