You would think it’s hard to create a stage when you’re surrounded by the deadening void of a conference room. But Andreas Moss does it effortlessly.

He tells the story of his life: Born in Sweden, his parents spontaneously received green cards from the US government and moved to Nashville. Andreas developed low self-esteem as he struggled with feeling different because of his sexuality. This led him to addiction, then recovery.

“I started to write a lot of break-up songs and was trying to understand why. I hadn’t been in a relationship with anybody, but I had been in a long, abusive relationship with addiction,” he says.

The guitarist plucks a quiet reverie underneath as he continues, “I wrote (Stuck In My Feelings) about the moment you realize you’re doing something bad for yourself but you keep going back to it even though you know you need to stop. I really wanted to talk about what it was like in the moment.”

Andreas Moss begins singing with his heart bare on the table. His voice resonates through the room with the vibrancy of ringing crystal.

The lyrics to ‘Stuck In My Feelings’ run the parallel lines of romance and addiction so closely, it emphasizes the truth that you never really know what someone is going through.

Andreas Moss hopes to use his music to inspire us to open up to each other, “As human beings, it’s important to talk about the issues that we’ve been through because the more we know about each other, the more we can understand and have grace for each other.”

Listen to ‘Stuck In My Feelings’ below.

-Elena Kimball,



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