Facebook may have tipped you off to this week’s Launch Artist, Alex Aiono. Or maybe you’ve seen him on YouTube – he’s got 5 million subscribers and a half BILLION views. Yeah, billion. With a B.

He cut his chops as a street performer when he was 15 but things really took off when he starting mashing up today’s hottest songs and putting them on the internet.

When he started to work on his debut EP in 2013, his manager made a dream come true – “I had always talked about how John Legend was one of my biggest influences, so my manager decided to set up a writing session…John’s belief in me was key in telling me I’m on the right track.”

Alex is definitely on the right track. He’s working on his debut album now and is already set for his first headlining tour across the US next year.

-Elena Kimball, DalyDownload.com


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