Lights has always been influenced by comics, and now she’s pioneering the comic-album medium.

Yup, she’s taking her love of comics to the next level by pairing her ‘Skin & Earth’ album (due out this Fall) with a comic book series by the same name.  She wrote and illustrated the entire series by herself, and used the music writing process to develop the many characters in the story.

Through the creation of ‘Skin & Earth’, Lights pulled from her personal experiences and the character’s journies through the storyline to create the music and comic simultaneously.

‘Giants’ pairs with Issue 5 of ‘Skin & Earth’. Although the series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, ‘Giants’ message is universal. The song speaks to growing weary of everyday life and possessing the desire to move to another world. Lights hopes the song will empower fans to break free from what they feel traps them, because anything is possible.

Take a listen to ‘Giants’ from the comic album ‘Skin & Earth’ below.

-Elena Kimball,


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