“Write what you know” is commonly distributed advice, but few are able to use the recommendation to its full potential like Launch Artist Billy Raffoul.  “I find myself going back to moments of time from the past, picking apart these little experiences and building them into bigger things,” he says.

His debut single ‘Driver’ is an example of this transformation. The song is inspired by the time his dad, successful Canadian musician Jody Raffoul, picked up a lost hitchhiker while they were traveling through Pelee Island in the middle of Lake Erie. Billy told the story to one of his collaborators in the studio and turned it into a metaphor for feeling lost in life.

As of Summer 2017, Billy Raffoul is still hard at work on his debut album. He says, “it feels like I’ve been working on it for my life”,  a reflection of the memories he’s pulled from and the love he’s poured into producing the project.

Take a listen to the first look at Billy’s debut album with ‘Driver’, below.

-Elena Kimball, DalyDownload.com


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