June is Pride Month, so we’re putting the spotlight on a song that will undoubtedly hold a place in LGBTQ history – ‘Strangers’ by Halsey featuring Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui.

As an openly bisexual woman in pop music, Halsey knew LGBTQ women are rarely represented in the Top 100. So she used her position as a top-selling artist to write ‘Strangers’, a song of longing for a lover from the perspective of a female relationship.

Halsey asked Lauren Jauregui, who is also openly bi, to join the track because it was important to her that the song includes another artist who belongs to the LGBTQ community.

‘Strangers’ notoriety goes beyond its use of the female pronoun to exclusively describe the characters in the song – lyrically, the song challenges the frequent sexualization of lesbian relationships by focusing on emotional intimacy rather than physical.

Take a listen to ‘Strangers’ below. It’s Carson’s Pick of the Week.

-Elena Kimball, DalyDownload.com


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