Halsey was chilling outside the mainstream pop scene until a little song called ‘Closer’ with The Chainsmokers changed all that.

Now, Halsey is front and center with the announcement of her sophomore album ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’.

She paired the album news with the song ‘Now or Never’. Halsey describes it as, “a vibey song that you can put on in the car and close your eyes. But in the context of my album, it’s a Romeo and Juliet story. It’s about two people who need to make their love work now because there are forces trying to keep them apart.”

‘Now or Never’ is just a peak at what’s on store for ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’. ¬†Halsey says fans can expect a more dance-influenced approach to her signature electropop vibe, “Since [my debut album, Bandlands], I’ve gone out all over the world and I’ve seen the way music kind of affects culture, whether it’s in the favelas in Brazil or it’s a club in Germany.”

Look for ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ to drop June 2, 2017. Until then, this is ‘Now or Never’ and it’s Carson’s Pick of the Week.


-Elena Kimball, DalyDownload.com


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