JUST when ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ was no longer stuck in your head, Mike Posner drops another one from his album ‘At Night, Alone’.

‘In The Arms Of A Stranger’ holds a similar introspective quality to ‘I Took A Pill…’ with poetic lyrics that serve the honesty perfect for secretly belting it out in your car.

But there’s one place Mike Posner really wants people to listen to his music.

When he released his album last year, Mike wrote on his website about wanting music fans to listen to any new material (no matter the artist) at the right place and right time.

He says the best time to listen to the album, ‘At Night, Alone’ is…at night, alone.

Take a listen to Carson’s Pick of the Week ‘In The Arms Of A Stranger’ now, and then give it another spin tonight.


-Elena Kimball, DalyDownload.com


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