Based on the name, you may think Christine and the Queens is a full on band. But this week’s Launch Artist is actually a solo artist who also happens to be one of France’s biggest pop stars.

Christine is really Héloïse Letissier and ‘The Queens’ refers to the drag queens who mentored her while she curated her identity as a queer performer intent on breaking the rules.

“Tilted” is her song about embracing awkwardness, but don’t expect a typical pop song. Christine strives to make music that puts her outside the realm of traditional pop music. She told The Guardian, “If an old lady can sing my song that comes from a queer young girl’s perspective, this is, for me, pop music at its best. You get many realities going on at the same time.”

If you love Launch Artist Christine and the Queens, check out her debut album “Chaleur Humaine” (“Human Warmth”).

-Elena Kimball,


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