By Hayden Wright

On the latest episode of Loveline with Amber Rose (subscribe to the podcast here), Amber Rose and co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue once again took to Facebook live to do a live episode. This time, their conversations covered fetishes, trust issues, and friends with benefits.

Amber and Dr. Chris fielded live caller questions—here are some highlights. Amber started the episode with a disclaimer:

“This isn’t the best angle for me—I have no pants, I have no shoes on,” an unfiltered Amber warned the viewers. “I’m in the privacy of my own home.” We’re here with you, Am!

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Caller number one (a lady named Jada) asked the hosts to give their opinion of friends-with-benefits relationships.

“Personally, I don’t like to do that because I fall in love,” Amber chimed in. “Being divorced now…that’s not an ideal situation for me. I like to date someone and get to know someone for a while and pursue something more seriously if it’s there.”

Amber noted that Jada didn’t really ask a question: “I think she was just being nosy!”

The next question came from Instagram: “Why do people cheat? “Dr. Chris proposed that daters attract what they’re putting into the universe. When single people radiate health and togetherness, that’s who they’ll meet. And when they’re messy, well…

“Usually every guy I date, they fall in love with me and then I’m like [ewww], not interested,” confessed Amber. “And then they’re all like ‘Yeah, Amber can’t keep a man.'”

Dr. Chris got Amber to tell a story about clubbing on Thursday night, reminding us all to keep our options open.

“I always say that white guys never want to talk to me,” Amber said. “So I’m out and like, every friggin’ white guy at this restaurant was like—on me! I was like, damn, white guys are winning out here.”

Another caller who manages a construction firm called in from the middle of her date with a coworker. She phoned Amber and Dr. Chris from the lobby of a movie theater: “I don’t know if I should be sleeping with people from work.”

“Girl, just f— ’em all, girl!” exclaimed Amber. “That’s what I would do. Don’t put me around a ton of hot construction workers…I’m f—in’ them all, I don’t give a s—.”

“Get your popcorn, get your ass back to the theater,” said Dr. Chris, the voice of reason. Rose suggested a sex act to perform on the coworker back in their seats.

Then the conversation turned to fetishes. A caller discovered that her husband had a foot fetish by snooping through his search history. Dr. Chris encouraged the lady to come clean with her husband and Amber had some suggestions: “Just put your feet in his face.”

Amber revealed a fetish of her own: She’s a “feedist.” That means she’s aroused by the thought of sexual partners consuming food—”not, like, feeding them in a baby way,” she clarified. Amber just likes to watch a man chow down.

Watch Amber’s full, live, unfiltered Loveline episode here.



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