By Amanda Wicks

Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet, but Trey Songz is already looking ahead to Christmas. He wants to give the winter holiday a sexy update with his new single “Comin Home.”

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Songz bemoans spending Christmas without the one he loves on the new track he shared today (November 18th). It doesn’t appear to be attached any holiday album, but even so it’s a slow jam that combines bedroom sex appeal with a touch of Winter Wonderland.

“I wish I was there more than I am, babe/ These lonely nights take a toll on a man, you don’t understand it/ It’s so unfair that Christmas is all throughout the air/ And I hate that we’re both alone, I’d rather be with you by the mistletoe,” he sings on the opening verse with a slow beat punctuating the background.

Songz decides that he’s had enough of watching everyone else enjoy the magic leading up to Christmas, and he’s putting his obligations aside so he can be with the person that means the most to him. “So I’m comin’ home,” he sings on the chorus, repeating the last line to emphasize his intent.

Listen to “Comin Home” below.


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