By Amanda Wicks

Macklemore did more than share a lengthy letter via Twitter following Donald Trump’s victory, he headed straight for the studio to record a song promoting tolerance and humanity.

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Macklemore released “Wednesday Morning” today (November 18th). The stand alone single is aptly named for the “day after” the 2016 presidential election, which took place on Tuesday, November 8th. The somber song begins with stark piano chords before Macklemore comes in, heavily auto-tuned, and repeats some of the sentiments he shared on Twitter last week.

“Imagine trying to keep your head/ While your daughter sleeps in bed/ And when she wakes up will the world be the same?/ Will my girl be afraid? In the home of the brave,” he melodically raps.

Moving away from his own personal perspective, Macklemore opens up about what needs to happen next. “Humanity is a privilege, we can’t give in/ When they build walls, we’ll build bridges/ This is resistance, we’re resilient/ When they spread hate, we shine brilliant, march by the millions,” he raps, adding that the country will need to tackle prison overcrowding and the potential Muslim registry Trump has proposed in order to survive.

Listen to “Wednesday Morning” below.


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