By Hayden Wright

Earlier this year, Justin Bieber raised eyebrows and divided opinions when he suspended meet-and-greets on his Purpose Tour, insisting that interactions with fans were getting out-of-hand. And now we’re really beginning to understand Bieber’s motivation. During a tour stop in Prague an overzealous fan grabbed the singer’s pants and yanked them down as he walked to a vehicle with his security team. Justin Bieber fans: Calm down!

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The Purpose World Tour started in March and has four more legs to go — when it’s all said and done, Bieber will have spent 15 months on the road. That’s a grueling schedule for anyone, much less a physical performer whose fans can’t stop themselves from invading his personal space. Light a candle and keep a countdown clock for the day this long, international nightmare for Justin Bieber comes to a close — June 18, 2017.

TMZ has the video but, c’mon, don’t watch it.


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