By Hayden Wright

This year, Macklemore has made himself a public face of America’s opioid crisis, opening up about his own drug addiction and recovery. On The Tonight Show, the MC delivered an intense performance of “Drug Dealer” to tell his own story through hip-hop. The set borrowed from his video for “Drug Dealer,” a raw and unvarnished look at how addiction strikes on a personal level.

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“They said it wasn’t a gateway drug,” he raps. “My homie was takin’ subs and he ain’t wake up/ The whole while these billionaires they kicked up/ Paying out Congress so we take their drugs.”

In May, Macklemore appeared in a video about addiction with President Obama.

“Addiction is like any other disease: It doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t care what color you are, whether you’re a guy or a girl, rich or poor, whether you live in an inner city, suburb or rural America,” he said. “This doesn’t just happen to other people’s kids or some other neighborhood; it can happen to any of us.”

Watch his gutsy performance (featuring Ariana Deboo) here:


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