By Amanda Wicks

Remember Ja Rule? He was once “always there when you call,” but in recent years he’s been heard from less and less.

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It turns out even he’s got a sense of humor about where life has taken him. Ja makes fun of his dwindling career in a new Foot Locker ad. In the commercial, he and what appear to be his buddies are driving around a big city. The guys are sharing their excitement over the new gear they scored during Foot Locker’s ‘Week of Greatness,’ which prompts Ja to break into a speech.

“You know, fellas, you can’t take sustained greatness like that for granted. It’s so hard to achieve. Once you find greatness, you hold onto it. I mean, you can lose it just like that. One minute you’re on top of the world, the next it’s all different…all different,” he says. The diatribe causes confusion from Ja’s passengers, because in a hilarious twist it turns out they’re not his friends.

Watch below to find out what Ja is supposedly up to these days.


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