By Amanda Wicks

Adele did what any red blooded human would do when a creature of the night infiltrates their space: She properly freaked out. While performing in Mexico City, Adele caught sight of a bat flying around the venue and interrupted what she’d been saying to warn the audience.

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Adele swirled around onstage, looking as if she was trying to duck from the bat (or impersonate it?) before she began warning the audience. “There’s a bat! There’s a bat! It landed right by your head!” she screamed at one concertgoer. Never shy about dropping a few curse words in between her songs, Adele peppered her interruption with loads of them. “Oh my god, there’s a f–ing bat. Welcome to Mexico, it’s true. I’m happy to be here but a f–king bat, Jesus Christ.”

Throughout her tour, the typically candid Adele has been cheeky with her audiences, and this latest incident is just another in a series of fun moments with the singer. Fans should enjoy it while it lasts because in an interview she gave to Vanity Fair in early November, Adele admitted that she couldn’t promise another big tour. 

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