By Amanda Wicks

Within music exists the belief that sadness can fuel the kind of creativity that produces better art. But what happens when rappers just can’t find the tears to express themselves and make “really real” tracks? Well, Mac Miller has just the solution.

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Miller stars in a new Funny or Die commercial about getting sad right quick. The answer? Pop a pill.

In the fake ad, Miller reps the pharmaceutical solution DreadLexa aka The First Depressant For Rappers. “As an artist, depression and anxiety are part of my creative process, so when I found myself suffering from chronic happiness and contentment, I knew I had to do something,” he says in the beginning. He explains taking Dreadlexa allowed him to tap into his demons once again.

A voiceover breaks down how the drug works. “Dreadlexa is the first prescription depressant created for musicians, designed to drag you back into that dark creative space you fear and need to create music people respect.”

The voiceover adds, “Dreadlexa works best if taken with alcohol after Googling yourself.” But rappers should be careful. If they take too much Dreadlexa they’re likely to produce too many banger tracks, which can cause a rise in self-esteem.

There’s always a trade-off.


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