Gaga chastised the media for ignoring half the population's response.

By Amanda Wicks

Lady Gaga isn’t sitting by quietly after Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. Not only did she join the major protest held in New York last night (November 9th), but today she called out the media and circulated a petition aiming to get Hillary Clinton elected after all.

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On Twitter, Gaga chastised channels like CNN for glossing over the widespread fear that many Trump opponents now feel. “I wish @cnn and other news outlets would discuss the real issue we have in this country. Half of the population is in a state of fear,” she tweeted.

She followed it up quickly with a second message, “American Press, don’t ignore the voices of half of USA who are in fear of their liberties and safety because of his divisive campaigning.”

Finally, she shared a link to a petition being circulated that asks the Electoral College to instead give the presidency to Hillary Clinton since she won the popular vote. According to the petition, members are allowed to change their pledge, but would be charged a small fine to do so. “If you feel scared about the current state of American politics and Whitehouse sign this petition,” Gaga wrote.

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