By Hayden Wright

On the eve of Election Day, Republican nominee Donald Trump campaigned in North Carolina and kept his focus on issues that matter: namely, asserting that he draws bigger crowds than Jay Z and Beyoncé. The duo had performed at a Hillary Clinton rally over the weekend so the Apprentice star tried to set the record straight about their popularity.

“Beyoncé and Jay Z, I like them, I like them,” he told supporters in Raleigh. “And you know what they do? I get bigger crowds than they do. It’s true. I get far bigger crowds.”

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In an age of information, such statements are easy to prove or disprove. The Pulitzer Prize-winning watchdog Politifact found that Trump’s claim held little water. Though Trump’s campaign has been partly defined by the size of his crowds, they don’t compare to a single Beyoncé concert. Politifact found that on average, Trump draws 27,000 supporters to his rallies, while Beyoncé performs to about 45,700 fans at an average show. And her fans have to purchase tickets.

“To fully vet this bizarre claim,” explains PolitiFact, “it’s worth noting that Trump’s rallies are free. Tickets to Beyoncé in the swing state of Florida cost $40 to $275 this year. Based on the latest Billboard numbers, Trump draws crowds similar to Phish.”

Apologies to Phish!

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