Shots fired.

By Amanda Wicks

Donald Trump wasn’t happy when Jay Z and Beyoncé stumped for Hillary Clinton by holding a concert in Cleveland on Friday (November 4th). But now it sounds like he’s taking a page out of Gene Simmons’ book when it comes to describing rap.

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Speaking at a rally today, Trump mocked the type of music Jay-Z performed at the concert. “The language is so bad and as they were singing — singing right? Was it talking or singing? Right? But the language was so bad,” he said (via CNN).

It’s his latest attack on the star-studded concert. On Saturday (November 5th), he also called out Jay Z for cursing. “I actually like Jay Z, but the language last night,” he said, grimacing. “I was thinking maybe I”ll just try it. Should I use that language? Can you imagine if I said that? So he used every word in the book. I won’t even use the initials because I’ll get in trouble.” While Jay-Z did censor himself at some points, he mostly kept his language true to the original words he used in his rap songs with the ‘N’ word and the ‘F’ word making appearances.

Still, Trump isn’t innocent when it comes to curse words. He’s been caught on tape cursing several times, including words like “motherf—er” and, of course, the infamous line about grabbing women “by the p—-.”

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