By Staff

“It’s what you think it would be like,” OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder says, when asked what working with Peter Gabriel is like. They collaborated with the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer on “Everywhere I Go,” from their new album Oh My My. “Incredible. The first time I met him, it was incredible. We just hung out and talked music for two or three hours and had dinner. He was super gracious and nice.”

Tedder and OneRepublic were talking to backstage as this year’s We Can Survive concert, and were still geeking out over getting Gabriel on the album: “People ask, ‘How did you get Peter Gabriel? He doesn’t do features!’ I asked! No one asks him! Or they try to, he’s not an easy guy to reach. So, there’s that: just getting a hold of him was the hard part. After that, it was like, ‘Let’s have dinner and hang out and see if we vibe; I worship your body of work, and hopefully you like this song and let’s do something.’ And he went along with it.”

They also discussed the odd album title.

“It wasn’t really a joke, but we were kind of joking around, [bassist] Brent [Kutzle] and I,”  ‘God, album titles are so serious, they’re so self-important and kind of ridiculous sometimes and so abstract.  What if we just called it Oh My My?'”

While the band have had a number of radio smashes over the years, they say they don’t worry much about the charts when they’re recording: “We make an album for what we want to hear. We’re not sitting around going, ‘What sounds like a hit; what’s gonna work back-to-back with Chainsmokers and Ariana Grande?’ We don’t write like that, we don’t think like that. So we make an album the album from a selfish perspective.”

They take a different approach, though, to their live shows.  “Once [the record’s] out, we’re unselfish. what do people like the most If we’re touring south america, we’re going to pull up iTunes and we’re gonna see what songs in the last nine years that people listened to the most. and we’re gonna change our set to fit the people buying tickets to come see us. We’re there for them. This is your show, we’re gonna play the songs that you want to hear.”

Check out OneRepublic’s tour dates at Eventful. And learn more about CBS Radio’s We Can Survive event here.


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