By Hayden Wright

Since 2015, Fetty Wap has continued to build on his breakout success with a combination of original material, guest appearances, and mixtape/freestyle efforts.

While his single “Wake Up” and collaboration with Fifth Harmony (“All In My Head”) are still sitting pretty on the Billboard Hot 100, he has continued his efforts to dominate the spotlight by dropping a freestyle over Mike Jones’ 2005 track “Flossin.'” It’s like someone’s playing nostalgic DJ with the playlist at a college party and an uber-talented friend steps up to freestyle.

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Jones gets his due shout-out: “Wap, ayy / I’m Mike Jones, Jones / And I stay flossin’ in that candy paint / Rolling dank / Sipping drank on 84 swangers / Rolling Chevy, rolling baby.”

Listen to the explicit freestyle on

With new Fergie music on the scene, 2005-6 is currently having a moment. Maybe we can expect freestyles over “Get it Poppin'” or “Drop It Like It’s Hot” next.

At any rate, Fetty’s impressive output shows no signs of slowing down.


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