By Amanda Wicks

Bastille premiered their new music video today (June 22) for “Good Grief,” the first single off their upcoming sophomore album Wild World.

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Shot over six days in Madrid, the video is meant to take viewers down “the rabbit hole within a rabbit hole.” (How very Inception of the indie rock band.) The colorful clip oscillates between bright primary colors and more muted tones to reflect vivid dreams and less memorable images. What starts off as a series of random shots eventually overlaps as narratives bleed into other narratives.

Singer Dan Smith said of the video, “It is like a mad visual Rubik’s cube that takes a load of archetypal narrative scenarios and then twists and collides them together. We wanted to make something fun and chaotic and surreal that would serve as a fittingly odd accompaniment to the song.”

As for their new album, Smith said, “If our first album was about growing up and the anxieties surrounding it, our second is about trying to make sense of the world around you, both as you see it and as it’s presented to you through the media. It’s also about asking questions of the world and of the people in it.”

Fans can get ready for a wild ride.

Watch the video on Warning: The video below contains brief nudity.


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