By Amanda Wicks

A diner in Boston decided to pay tribute to Prince and propose a new way to handle the continued controversy surrounding gender and bathrooms. The establishment, Myers + Chang, replaced all bathroom gender signs indicating “Men” or “Women” with the Prince symbol.

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Both bathrooms in the restaurant now feature the purple glyph, referred to as The Love Symbol. In the 1980s, Prince requested designers create the symbol for him, fusing astrological symbols indicating male (Mars) and female (Venus), according to Wired.

Alexis Weinrich, the muralist for the restaurant and who painted the new bathroom signs, told The Boston Globe, “Our general manager, Kristi McNeil, loves Prince. It’s a perfect, all-inclusive symbol for everyone, and it gives Prince a little love.”

The restaurant had been considering changing the bathroom signs anyway. “We were all really sad, and this was just a light bulb moment for us,” Weinrich explained. “We’d been thinking of changing the signs to say ‘Anyone’ and ‘Everyone,’ but this fit.”

The symbol has been confusing for some patrons, Weinrich admitted, but most people get it.

As for states that continue to pass increasingly restrictive measures about which bathroom each gender can legally use, consider this a great new option.


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