By Amanda Wicks

Drake, Lil Wayne and other rappers have all appeared in commercials to sell everything from phones to beverages. Now “Future” is getting in on the fun. Kind of. Jamie Foxx aka “Past” aka “Future’s Father” appears in a new Verizon commercial.

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He may look like a grandfather in the 30 second spot, but don’t put anything past Past. He’s got the skills to drop a sick rhyme. In fact, according to him, he taught Future everything he knows.

Foxx as Past raps about how happy he is to have Verizon as a network provider, so much so that he’ll throw down with anyone who uses another company. “I got Verizon/See me on the street, you walk up to me/ You got AT&T, we fightin.”

Everything in the commercial parodies Future, from the track’s beat to the way Foxx raps to his hairstyle. If Past will be Verizon’s new character moving forward, viewers can look forward to many more visits with Future’s daddy and his hip to be square moves.

Watch the commercial below.


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