By Amanda Wicks

Only one week after releasing his new single “Crash,” Usher has followed it up with a music video showcasing the heartbreak and pain resonating throughout the song.

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Dressed all in black against a black background, Usher performs an interpretive dance to the lyrics. Part ballet and part breakdance, his fluid movements come to stand for the pain he feels but can’t quite articulate. This is one relationship that has moved him to tears. Literally.

The figure at the center of the song–the person he can’t let go of–manifests in the form of a beautiful woman. At first she appears in person, but later she’s relegated to videos that play behind Usher as he dances across stage. He’s clearly haunted by his memories. Usher and the video interact at key moments, screaming in anguish or coming close to touching but never breaking through the barrier that separates them.

It’s a much more vulnerable side to the artist, who strips things bare and does what he does best throughout the video.


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