By Jonathan Hailey

Over the past few months, Hamilton has taken Broadway by storm. The hip-hop driven musical has brought a new generation of theater-goers to the Great White Way, and was awarded by winning 11 TONY Awards over the weekend (June 12). As creator/star Lin Manuel Miranda told CBS New York, that they accomplished this largely by word of mouth: “The thing you can’t buy is: people leaving [the theater] and saying, ‘You have to see this!'”

But now, Miranda is said to be moving on from his creation to tackle other artistic endeavors, including a role an upcoming Mary Poppins sequel. But who will replace him in his role as Alexander Hamilton? We have some ideas.

(Thos Robinson/Getty Images)

(Thos Robinson/Getty Images)

Kanye West

Apparently, the cast of the show is pushing for Kanye West to replace Miranda. While Kanye on Broadway sounds too interesting to pass up, would it work? Could it work? It would probably be a challenge for the notoriously self-centered superstar to play a character, other than himself? Of course, if he got the role and pulled it off, that’d make for an exciting TONYs next year; rules aside, he’s surely demand to know why he didn’t win after what is sure to be one of the best Broadway performances of all time. OF ALL TIME!

Drake / Caitlin Cronenberg

(Photo: Caitlin Cronenberg)


Drizzy on Broadway? Before you start protesting with a “NOPE” meme, hear us out. He got his start doing improv theater. And he’s an actor: or have you forgotten his role on Degrassi: Next Class? Plus, he not only raps, he also sings. But can he dance? Oh, he can. He can. And let’s face it: we’re living in Drake’s world now, ticket sales would go through the roof.

Lauryn Hill (Theo Wargo/Getty Images for CBGB)

Lauryn Hill (Theo Wargo/Getty Images for CBGB)

Lauryn Hill

Why not have a woman play Alexander Hamilton? Lauryn Hill would be great choice: she sings, she’s an MC and she can act. What, you forgot her role in Sister Act 2? Plus, she’d be able to easily commute to work from New Jersey. However, Hill is known for being late to shows. She says it’s because she needs to get her spirit in alignment. Fair enough, but curtain time is curtain time on Broadway, so she’d have to get that figured out.

(Harold Cunningham/Getty Images)

(Harold Cunningham/Getty Images)


Usher is not only one of the best singers in popular music for two decades running, he can also hold his own against nearly any professional dancers. He’s an actor, and has done time on Broadway, playing Billy Flynn in Chicago. Of course, if he took, the role, he’d better hurry up on his long-awaited next album, otherwise fans will be showing up to Hamilton to harangue him about it.

(Courtesy of CBS)

(Courtesy of CBS)

James Corden

We know he can hold his own alongside the cast of Hamilton thanks to his opening performance at the TONY Awards, and he’s pals with Lin Manuel Miranda, now that they’ve done carpool karaoke together. But seriously, as the Hamilton guys pointed out at the TONYs, Corden comes from the theater, and surely CBS would give him a few weeks off to return to Broadway.



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