By Amanda Wicks

Comedian Martin Short trotted out his famous character, the inept entertainment reporter Jiminy Glick, last night (June 7) when he sat down to interview Drake. The bit appeared as part of new variety show Maya & Marty.

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Always one step behind pop culture trends, Glick doesn’t seem to know why he’s interviewing Drake. He announces in the beginning that he normally interviews celebrities. “So this is going to be a change,” he tells Drake, who takes it all in good stride. The Canadian rapper shows off his own comedic timing, playing off Glick’s insults and beats perfectly.

“So you’re a Canadian former child star, so literally we’re talking about zero street cred,” Glick says. “Zero. Zero street cred. And you’re real name is Aubrey, well that changes it. That certainly ramps it up.” Drake can’t even respond because he’s so dumbstruck by the comment.

Besides remarking about Drake’s Jewish heritage, Glick also goes after his looks. “You’re in wonderful shape for someone who’s let himself go.” The whole thing comes to a screeching end when Glick invites Drake to take a steam with him in order so they can compare how much each one is packing. Drake tries to get out of it by claiming he has other obligations.

Throughout the sketch, Drake, who recently pulled double duty hosting and performing on Saturday Night Live, showed he’s got strong comedic chops should the whole rap thing not pan out. Watch below.


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