By Amanda Wicks

Fresh off her own heartbreak after split with beau Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift decided to celebrate love by surprising two superfans over the weekend.

Swift not only showed up at their wedding, but she performed a stripped down version of her single “Blank Space.” Now, the DJ playing the couple’s wedding has opened up Swift’s appearance.

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Speaking with BillboardMichael Klebacher said, “Taylor knew exactly why she was coming there. She knew that the groom, who’s also in the military, is a superfan, and so is his wife. When his sister told this to Taylor, she was able to convey this.”

Swift coordinated the surprise with Singer’s sister, Ali, over the last few months after receiving a heartfelt letter. In the note, Ali explained that her brother and his wife got married in a hospital so their mom wouldn’t miss out on the big day, and that Max and his mom danced to Swift’s “Blank Space” at the wedding before she died.

Klebacher explained organizers kept Swift’s appearance under wraps so paparazzi wouldn’t get wind of it. Even he didn’t know she’d be showing up.

As to any haters out there who think Swift was only doing this as a stunt, he clarified, “Nothing that I’ve seen would indicate that at all. I’m not seeing anything other than complete altruism.”

Watch Swift perform “Blank Space” at the wedding below.


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