By Amanda Wicks

Lana Del Rey’s Twitter account was hacked Tuesday (June 7) afternoon. Like the hack Katy Perry experienced in late May, the person behind this latest breach posted racist messages along with other comments making fun of the singer.

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A series of tweets began rapidly appearing in the afternoon, claiming former President George W. Bush was behind the terrorist attacks on 9/11, and that all Muslims are terrorists. In another post, the hacker tweeted “lana del GAY.” The posts were quickly removed and the security for Del Rey’s account seemed back up to speed within minutes.

Del Rey and Perry aren’t the only celebrities to experience a hack in recent days.On Monday (June 6), Drake’s account appeared to be hacked for a handful of tweets. Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner, Keith Richards, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Black all had their Twitter accounts hacked. With Black’s account, the hacker began sharing posts that he had passed away and naturally incited the concern of Tenacious D fans.

Twitter is looking into any security breach that could compromise people’s data, according to Mashable.



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