By Staff

The Pineapple Above (Horse Around Rodeo Clown; Muscle to Jimmy Russia) is an album comprised entirely of, yes, you guessed it, ukulele versions of the pop-punk trio’s greatest hits.

Crafted by Casey Cole, the Indianapolis-based one-band band known as Blink 182kulele, the 10-track covers album is not only for the ukulele fan; the band’s renditions have an island feel, thanks to the synthesized steel drums. Oh, and the vocoder does lend a little Tom DeLonge feel to the vocals.

But it wasn’t just classics that were covered for the album. You’ll also find an interesting take on Blink’s newest little diddy, “Built This Pool” as well as “Olde English 800” by Alkaline Trio, “I’m Not Hungover” by Tumbledown and “I’m An Alcoholic” by Dent May.

“I threw the idea around years ago, just because the name was so cheesy (as was the concept in general), Cole told A Blink-182 fan since high school, Cold explains, “These songs were recorded at a leisurely pace over the past 6 months. I put up a cover of “Bored To Death” the day the band released it, and it got like 10,000 plays over 48 hours, so I figured if people would listen to it, I might as well release an album.”

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As Casey tells, he regularly plays bars in his hometown and says it’s only a matter of time before he make more music.

“I’m sure there will be another Blink 182kulele album by the end of the year. I keep playing the same two bars for the same 20 people every month, so I add a new song or two every show in order to keep things fresh. Besides, there are still so many perfect Blink songs to try out (Dammit, Anthem, Miss You, The Rock Show, Stay Together For the Kids…)

Why did Cole choose to cover Blink-182 and not some other band? “In all honesty, probably because nothing else was as punny as Blink 182kulele. Reggae Lamontagne. Sum Orty-FUN. I mean, I looked for others.”

The album is available via Bandcamp for download for a name-your-price donation.


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