By Amanda Wicks

Nick Jonas is getting closer to releasing his new solo effort Last Year Was Complicated, and today (June 3) he shared another track off that album.

The sizzling song “Bacon” isn’t an ode to the delicious meat. Instead, it’s an anthem to being alone and the freedom that comes with it.

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“Bacon” feels similar to Zayn Malik’s solo sound and continues showing off a darker, slightly edgier version of the singer. Jonas builds from a standard pop/R&B flare into a heavy rap style that momentarily springs up on the chorus.

“The one thing I love more than being with you /And that’s late nights, doing what I wanna do,” Jonas sings on the chorus, where he admits how much he loves partying. Whenever he wakes up with “sleep eyes,” he knows what to reach for to make himself feel better: “Throw some bacon on it.”

Jonas’ new track features Ty Dolla $ign on a verse that shows off a strong collaboration between the two. Ty raps about how strongly he feels for his girl, but how her jealousy can often get in the way. Who needs drama, when you can have bacon?

Last Year Was Complicated drops June 10. Listen to “Bacon” below.


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