By Robyn Collins

You might be “the Boss” if Adele is sitting in the audience for your outdoor concert… and you’re Bruce Springsteen. But if you’re Springsteen, you might also be a gentleman.

The rock superstar played a Rock In Rio festival show in Lisbon last week (May 20), which was attended by Adele. When Springsteen noticed she was underdressed for the outdoor concert he offered the British songstress his coat.

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Adele thanked Springsteen at her own show in Lisbon: “I was wearing a ridiculous skirt, which was silly. It gets quite windy in Lisbon,” she told the crowd. “I had a little thin jumper on, and Bruce came out and said ‘You’re going to be cold.'”

Adele says she initially tried to turn down Springsteen’s offer: “I was a bit drunk. I’d had four glasses of wine, so I said I’d be fine.”

However, the rocker insisted. “He gave me his coat,” Adele said. “So I was watching his show, wearing his coat. I was too embarrassed to put my arms in the coat, as I’m obviously too small. So I just wore it on my shoulders.”


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