By Hayden Wright

Anne Hathaway appeared on The Late Show with James Corden to promote her new Alice in Wonderland film, but used the opportunity to flex her rap muscles. She and Corden faced off in a rap battle that started courteous and professional but quickly got personal.

“I admit that Anne is both talented and sweet, and it’s hard to say anything about her that’s mean,” Corden began  “But I’m gonna try my best and air it out like tank tops, and like her movie Get Smart, her rhymes are gonna flop.”

“Now it’s her turn to try and act a little scary, ’cause the only Catwoman I acknowledge is Halle Berry,” he added. Not to be outdone, Hathaway clapped back with some truly deep cuts.

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“A Catwoman dis? Gosh, what do I do? I can’t make fun of you James, ’cause no one’s heard of you,” the Oscar-winner rapped. “Now that I finally have a chance to speak, I saw your rhymes are like your ratings, damn, they’re incredibly weak.”

In the coup de grace, Hathaway hit Corden where he lives:

“I’m like your wife: I watch Seth Meyers instead.”


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