By Hayden Wright

Kanye West says he wants to collaborate on designs with discount shoe company Payless in addition to continuing to work with organizations that promote high-fashion, big-production apparel.

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The rapper and entrepreneur told Ellen Degeneres he wants to be the “Michael Jackson of apparel,” explaining that he seeks to break barriers and preconceptions about what makes a fashion designer. West also dubbed himself “Wacko Kanye” on the program, remaining two steps ahead of his haters.

In the past, West has earned tacit support from the fashion community for ventures like Yeezy Season 3, but many are still skeptical about his design aspirations. Kanye has also been criticized for posted egotistical, sometimes confrontational tweets.

When Degeneres asked him, “Do you think your Twitter should have a board of directors?” Kanye responded, “Absolutely not.”

“Have you regretted anything that you’ve tweeted?” she pressed.

“Nope,” he relied.


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