By Amanda Wicks

After re-releasing an approved cut of her music video “Me Too,” it’s safe to say that not only is Meghan Trainor comfortable taking control of her image but that she’s having fun in the driver’s seat. Even though the pop star just released her sophomore album Thank You, she’s already looking ahead to album number three and just what kind of artist she can be with that project.

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Speaking with The Canadian Press, Trainor said she looked to Beyoncé as a source of inspiration. “She’s at a place where she does whatever she wants…instead of being told, like I am still by album two—’No, you’ve gotta try again.'”

Trainor added, “Beyoncé’s like, ‘No, this is what I enjoy.’ Hopefully by round three it’ll be a little more like that, for me. I do love all my songs, but it’s still being told what to put out.”

Trainor may still have to deal with industry executives when it comes to the music she releases, but in terms of how she looks in music videos and elsewhere, she’s not letting others change her. On May 9, she dropped her newest music video “Me Too,” but then hours later pulled it after discovering she’d been Photoshopped to appear thinner. Days later she released the original cut, which showed off her real figure.

Given that she has no problem taking charge in that way, it’s safe to say she’ll find a voice closer to Beyoncé’s artistic control by round three.


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