By Staff

A new study suggests presidential candidate Donald Trump is liked less than Canadian rockers Nickleback.

While the band has been very successful, they have never garnered the praise of critics, and are often subject to jokes of this nature.

Today, fellow Canadian Avril Lavigne has taken to social media to defend the band (Lavigne was previously married to lead singer Chad Kroeger).

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“Hey @ENews and everyone writing these articles…. grow up,” the singer tweeted in response to the headline “Justice for Nickelback: Poll Reveals People Actually Dislike One Thing More Than the Rock Band.”

“17 #1 HIT SINGLES!!!! What an epic accomplishment!!!!” she continued. “@Nickelback is adored by millions worldwide !!! I’ve seen their sold out shows!!!”

“Enough is enough!!! You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. #SpreadMoreLoveThanHate,” she concluded.

Mic Drop.

Check out Lavigne’s tweets below.


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