By Alisha Jackson

All Kailyn wanted was a photo with Justin Bieber, and now, thanks to her Instagram video below, she is being blamed for the pop star’s decision to stop taking photos with fans for good.

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This morning, Kailyn drove from Winthrop to the studios of Mix 104.1 in Boston to set the record straight on exactly what happened outside of Bieber’s hotel on May 9th. “My friend Michelle and I went to the Four Seasons, because we knew he was staying there, but we waited for a couple hours and he still wasn’t coming, so we walked over to his tour bus and all of a sudden he walked up to us, and was talking to us,” she reveals to morning show hosts Karson and Kennedy.

“I got really excited, ’cause I couldn’t believe it was really him, so my first instinct was ‘I need to give him a hug’, so I walked over and I gave him a hug and put my phone up and he didn’t like that.”

Kailyn explains that it wasn’t the hug that Bieber didn’t like, but the picture. “The security guard said ‘you shouldn’t do that without asking first.'” Looking back on the situation, Kailyn thinks that Bieber “was very overwhelmed,” and she feels bad about the whole thing. “I feel bad,” she said. “After I gave him the hug he still talked to me and that’s when I asked. He got over it quickly and still talked to us after the incident,” she clarified.

Head over to Mix 104.1 to hear the full exclusive interview with Kailyn, and check out the offending Instagram below.


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