The two exchanged loaded words on social media.

By Amanda Wicks

Chris Brown and singer Kevin McCall got into a skirmish on social media beginning Tuesday night (May 10) when McCall called Brown out on Twitter. It appears McCall was tired of Brown sending his “gang” to deal with his problems and wanted to deal directly with the man himself.

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Brown, of course, wasn’t going to take any of that lying down, so he posted a series of comebacks on Instagram. The first was a collage of three empty stadium seating sections meant to be a jab at McCall’s popularity. Brown played with the wording in his caption, changing the idea of McCall’s album being “fire” to being “fired,” and calling his sales “tripple (sic) translucent.” Brown also posted two viral videos meant to disparage McCall’s looks.

On Twitter, meanwhile, McCall kept up his power, insinuating that he’d been with Brown’s ex Rihanna in one tweet, calling Brown a “wannabe Miguel” and calling him out as an abuser.

Brown seemed to think McCall was upset over losing money, but McCall insisted it wasn’t about that. He encouraged Brown to call him on the phone so they could deal with it, but when Brown kept posting to Instagram McCall kept up his fire too.

It looks like whatever has been brewing between the two former friends, we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.


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