By Jeff Cornell

Alicia Keys dropped by the Rap Radar Podcast to discuss her new single “In Common,” her upcoming album, and a lot more. The 15-time GRAMMY winner also opened up about Prince’s untimely death, saying she still “can’t believe it.”

While its been over four years since Keys’ released her last album Girl on Fire, the songwriting process for the new album came together quickly. “The music for this album came like raining down… it happened so fast,” Keys said. She added, “We made like 20 songs in two weeks. Normally I don’t really create that fast, I am a bit more meticulous and it takes a little bit more time, but it was just coming so fast.”

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The effort, which Keys hopes to release this summer, runs the musical gamut. “The album is definitely varied in a real fresh way,” Keys explained. “It is very multi-dimensional and I feel like people really respond to that, not in a disjointed way, but in a really exciting way.  There is a lot of New York on this record a lot of the original influences for me and it’s also a lot of mash-ups in the sense of sonics and styles and energies… it feels really brand new and familiar at the same time.”

Keys also shared her thoughts on joining the panel of NBC’s The Voice. She said, “I want to be in that space where people can hear what I have to say and that’s a blessing to be able to see all these very talented driven young people that have dreams and hopefully there is something I can say or share with them that could be positive… it’s gonna be fun.”

Alicia Keys took some time to talk about Prince’s untimely death, saying she still can’t believe he is gone. She famously inducted him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and reflected on the experience. “I can remember that moment so clearly,” she said. “I remember being so emotional about him and that he was being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [and that] was very important, very important for music, very important as a black musician, very important as a genre bending artist who is undefinable… it was really powerful and I’ll never forget it.”


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