There are "no Juliets" in 50's world.

By Amanda Wicks

There are “no Juliets” in 50 Cent’s new song, because instead it’s peppered with strippers, hoes and other women who offer him sex but not love. But if there are “no Juliets” there are also “no Romeos” as 50 Cent and Chris Brown prove by the way they talk about women and how they treat them on their new collaboration, “No Romeo No Juliet.”

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The song has a curious sound about it thanks to a fiddle starting the whole thing off and appearing throughout, sometimes rhythmically, sometimes melodically. Besides that instrument, the song has a strong bounce beat that allows 50 Cent and Brown to rap and sing about their pimping ways.

Given his recent trouble after posting a video making fun of a young autistic man, 50 Cent includes a strange verse that seems to negate some of the progress he’s made. 50 Cent raps, “I’m getting big money, starting to get hard to keep a n—- from hating/ I’m with a white b—-, n—a google this s—, we interracial dating/ This a new wave, I’m in a Wraith, a n—- sit on suede/ Like I’m Special Ed but I aint special ed b—-, I got it made.”

Listen to the explicit track on


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