By Amanda Wicks

Drake will soon be pulling double duty once again on Saturday Night Live when he hosts and performs as the musical guest on May 14.

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It’s been two years since he last hosted, which means there are all sorts of fresh characters and sketches for him to interact with in addition to the fun classics he established during his last episode. Here are five Drake sketches we’re hoping to see from his upcoming appearance.

“Slumber Party” 

Drake appeared as a cheesy father on the show in 2014, and it’s one sketch he needs to do again. Why? Because Aidy Bryant’s dad-crazy character Melanie has only gotten more intense since then. Between Drake sporting a goofy mustache, wearing dad sweaters and spouting lines like, “See you later, girly Gators,” we could all use some more dad Drake in our lives.

“Naughty Elves”

Seeing a miniature Drake dressed as an elf alongside Kenan Thompson and Vanessa Bayer could be hilarious or it could totally backfire. Like any rapper invested in building a brand, Drake displays the kind of ego that might seem out of place in a sketch where the main characters are practically begging for BDSM treatment, but we think putting Drake in this sketch could be a fun choice for all involved.

“Kathy Ann”

The realest of the real, Kathy Ann (performed by Cecily Strong) is a middle-aged woman who seems to wander in and out of the strangest situations, but she always comes armed with cigarettes and some unnecessary if hilarious advice. It’s hard for hosts not to crack when Kathy Ann is around delivering her sage–if misguided–bouts of wisdom, and we think partnering her with Drake in some way would yield a viral hit.

“Drake’s Dad Sweater Emporium”

Ok, so this isn’t a thing. Yet. Drake famously likes his cozy sweaters (and who can blame the man after living in Toronto), but we think the show should be smart and tap into his fondness for big, bulky sweaters. By setting up “Drake’s Dad Sweater Emporium,” which would be a crossover between artists’ merchandise pop-up shops and something like Dress Barn, there’s no end to the fun customers could have at Drake’s sweater-centered outlet.

“How Canadian Are You?”

Another original idea, this gameshow would feature Drake as host while three or four of the show’s cast members play other famous Canadians. Kate McKinnon already does a wicked Justin Bieber, so that seems perfect to include, especially since Drake and the Biebs share a bond over their home and native land. The important thing is that a cast member needs to play Drake, because it’s always funny to watch a host engage with a caricature of himself.


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