By Hayden Wright

Woe to you who cross Demi Lovato on social media. This week Lovato appeared to call out Nicki Minaj for failing to tag her in an Instagram post from the Met Gala. The one-sided feud looked innocent enough — until trolls started inundating Lovato’s social feeds with abuse. This triggered a Twitter rant for the history books:

“Sometimes there’s more to the story. Sometimes there’s more s— going on than you see,” she began.

Lovato has been candid about her recovery from substance abuse, body image issues, self-harm and mental illness and she isn’t quieting down now. “Maybe you DON’T know every aspect of my life so maybe you shouldn’t assume you know. Maybe I’m tired of sharing my story with the world.”

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She added that her volatility on social media may be tied to a mental health condition.

“Maybe my midnight rants are a part of my bipolar disorder. Can’t change being crazy. But you can press unfollow,” she tweeted. “Or maybe I rant online because people assume they know things and their entitlement to know makes me feel obligated to defend myself.”

“Imagine the love of ur life/biggest crush finding out u spend time on the Internet commenting negative s–t about celebrities. Embarrassed?” she fumed.

“Or imagine telling your future children how you spent more time cyber bullying strangers than you did building a better future for them.. At least I’m honest,” she wrote. “I’d rather annoy people with my honesty and loud opinions than stay silent and be fake as f—. #lasttweetofthenight #goingtosleep.”

Keep it real, Demi.


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