By Amanda Wicks

After dropping his fourth studio album Views on April 28, listeners immediately picked up on the fact that two big cameos were missing. Although Kanye West and Jay Z were featured on the edition of “Pop Style” he released in early April, they didn’t make the album cut. Why is that? Let’s let Drake explain.

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The same night he released Views, Beats 1 Radio broadcast an interview Drake did with host Zane Lowe. In it, he discusses the decision to leave the two rappers by the wayside. “I just ended up going with my version of the song,” he said. (via NME). Instead of keeping their verses, he used one of his own.

Truth be told, Jay wasn’t supposed to be included in the song anyway. “Jay didn’t really do a verse,” Drake explained. “I was just trying to get [Kanye] on it first. Jay kinda just did my first few lines for me and that’s how we flexed it.”

The verse Jay did contribute sounds like it didn’t sit well with Drake, who admitted in the interview to being a meticulous writer. “It didn’t play out how I wanted it to go,” he said. “Sometimes [Jay Z and I] just fall on opposite sides of the spectrum. It’s always mutual respect but sometimes it has to be from afar.”


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