By Amanda Wicks

Justin Timberlake is getting in on the meme game. Kind of. Timberlake made fun of the popular meme involving him that surfaces every year as May gets closer.

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Thanks to ‘N Sync’s popular single, “It’s Gonna Be Me,” people started creating and sharing a meme of Timberlake a few years back that says, “It’s Gonna Be MAY.” The play has to do with the way the boy band sang “me,” lending it a sharper “ay” vowel sound.

Timberlake got in on the fun today (April 29) by tweeting out that, if you’re not aware, it is indeed going to be May soon along with the hashtag, #canyoumemeyourself.

Considering that Drake absolutely did meme himself by turning the Internet’s big joke about VIEWS cover art on its head, we’re guessing Timberlake could totally meme himself.

Happy “It’s Gonna Be May” day everybody.


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