By Robyn Collins

Selena Gomez has joined the team of artists whose lyrics will be printed on Coca-Cola bottles and cans.

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“Instead of putting names on the bottles [this year] they’re going to put lyrics,” she Tweeted. ” I’m so honored to be a part of share a Coke and a song.”

This summer the lyrics of more than 70 songs will be featured on packages of Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coca-Cola Life. The campa-gn will begin in a few weeks and last through the summer.

The nationwide roll-out will include lyrics ranging from recent chart toppers to classic hits like “Put a little love in your heart,” “Always on my mind,” “Lean on me” and “We are the champions,” plus newer hits including “This is how we do it” and “All I do is win.”

“We wanted to use the lyrics that connect people, and create those moments of sharing,” Joe Belliotti, Coke’s global head of music, tells Billboard. “This was not about finding the most popular songs of today. This was about finding lyrics that can help you connect with someone. Because at the end of the day music and the lyrics in songs help you express what you sometimes aren’t able to out into words yourself.”

As it rolls out, the campaign will allow for opportunities to connect with artists and songs. Through a collaboration with Shazam, every package will carry the Shazam logo, and image recognition technology threaded into the logos on the 20-ounce bottles link to a back-end app that enables “consumers to record themselves, lip-sync style, and create cool add-ons and filters and share on social media,” Belliotti says. “We’re giving people the opportunity to Shazam your Coke.”


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