By Hayden Wright

The Game of Thrones universe is complicated, especially for those of us joining late. On The Tonight Show, The Roots’ Black Thought provided a helpful explainer, bringing fans and curious bystanders up to speed about what’s happening this season—which debuted on Sunday night.

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They start from the very beginning. “Hey yo, it opens on Jon Snow, who died at the end of season 5 / Lady Melisandre still thinks he’s alive,” the rap goes, aided by host Jimmy Fallon.

From there, Black Thought takes us through the twisted storyline in under a minute—wrapping up with the episode’s surprising final scene: “Then Red Lady took the choker off, brother / A-hickey hickey hickey, she’s old as a mother.” Spoiler alert!

If the Roots did this every single week, perhaps the Internet wouldn’t feel so adrift in Game of Thrones discussions. Watch the segment here below.


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